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Snow-covered Spa...

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On a cold January 26th 2005 we headed out in our Rover 600 from north Holland to visit the mighty Spa-Francorchamps. The hope was to drive the old circuit in its entirety, but we were denied the opportunity as the current GP track is now a permanent circuit and it is blocked from the public roads. We were however able to enter the circuit by driving under the straight leading from la Source to Eau Rouge and entering the pit/paddock area. Any hopes of driving the track were dashed however as the road was completely covered in snow as the pictures show. Also track workers stopped us from even trying. We were undeterred though, and were allowed to walk on the track to take these photos. Its easy to see why Grands Prix are not held at this time of year! Later on we drove on the old track, from Les Combes to just before Blanchimont. There was something strangely exhilarating about driving on such famous roads, and to see the daunting Masta Kink was worth it in itself. While the track is well used as a public road right up to the banked Stavelot corner, from there unfortunately the road is deteriorating quite badly. I would suppose only logging trucks and people visiting the track for GPs and other races would use that road now. It's a shame really, an even bigger shame that you can't emulate Jackie Stewart, Fangio etc. and drive the whole old circuit. That's progress though I suppose. But even at this time of year, there is a magic about the place...if you get the opportunity, go and have a look, you won't be disappointed.

Our first view of the track... Eau Rouge winter style

Looking back over the pit area from the top of Eau Rouge

Looking towards the Kemmel from the exit to Eau Rouge

Walking the track in reverse: the view from Eau Rouge towards La Source

A look at the Control Tower

Onwards towards La Source

A drivers view: imagine exiting the pit lane in an F1 car and being confronted with this!

A look at the F1 pit exit after negotiating la Source

The main straight from La Source

Waiting for the lights to go out... let the rush to La Source begin!

The bus stop...

Entering pit lane

Pit Lane... a desolate place this time of year. You would have to be told that F1 cars come here once a year... there are no signs declaring the fact.

After a great win it's time to celebrate on the podium!

Frozen in time: the famous Masta Kink

Another view of the place that almost cost Jackie Stewart his life...