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Alfa's first CA(R)Tastrophe
Appendix 1: The 1989 race results


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Roberto Guerrero


March-Alfa Romeo 89CE




1989 Valvoline Detroit GP (June 18, 1989)

Autosprint 1989-25 cover

Here is an overview of the results during the 1989 CART season. The following abbreviations were used in the table below.

To the best of our knowledge, the listed chassis type is correct. Erstwhile team owner Johnny Capels said that on one occasion the team raced with an 88C instead of an 89CE. However, we found evidence that the car was in fact an 89CE in the event that he mentioned, so it can not be excluded that Capels is correct about an 88C having been raced but perhaps at a different event. Evidence of this has not been found (yet).

date: date of event held, written in European style (day/month)
CT: chassis type
C#: chassis number, if known
S: starting position on the grid
speed: qualifying speed
F: finishing result
laps: number of laps driven in the race
status: reason of retirement, running at the finish or average race speed when full distance was covered
pts: points scored in the 1989 CART PPG Championship

date track driver CT C# S speed F laps status pts
18/6 Detroit Guerrero 89CE 22 82.855 8 61 Running 5
25/6 Portland Guerrero 89CE 23 112.489 23 26 Fuel injection
2/7 Cleveland Guerrero 89CE 21 130.151 13 76 Running
16/7 Meadowlands Guerrero 89CE 27 106.932 22 70 Suspension
23/7 Toronto Guerrero 89CE 19 102.489 28 4 Oil leak
6/8 Michigan Guerrero 89CE 27 210.440 22 99 Engine
20/8 Pocono Guerrero 89CE 22 194.767 16 185 Running
3/9 Mid-Ohio Guerrero 89CE 16 107.364 12 81 Running 1
10/9 Elkhart Lake Guerrero 89CE 20 121.229 21 17 Clutch
24/9 Nazareth Guerrero 89CE 16 158.737 20 0 Contact
15/10 Laguna Seca Guerrero 89CE 21 104.158 25 23 Off course

Note: Evidence for an 88C-Alfa (88C-009?) used in practice at both Elkhart Lake and Nazareth was found. It is possible that such a car was used in other occasions, maybe even in a race.