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Portrait of a Golden Era




Gigi Soffietti, Philippe Étancelin, Tazio Nuvolari, Antonio Brivio, René Dreyfus, José de Villapadierna, Manfred von Brauchitsch, Rudi Caracciola, Nino Farina, Piero Dusio, Lord Howe, Raymond Sommer, Luigi Fagioli and Goffredo Zehender


Monte Carlo


1935 Monaco GP


This happy picture is probably dated 22 April 1935... and there is a driver missing! Well, actually two of them: the first is Chiron, who started on the third row sandwiched between Brivio and Sommer and went on to finish 5th, the second Count Trossi, who ended up sharing Nuvolari's car... to retirement. The event was commandingly won by Fagioli, who took an emphatic flag-to-flag win over the Ferrari Alfas of Dreyfus and Brivio.