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Look Mom, I'm a Ferrari driver!



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Gianni Morbidelli


Ferrari 643




1991 Australian GP


Who can't remember Alain Prost being fired from the proud but limp Prancing Horse by a furious Claudio Lombardi after calling the 643 'a truck'? Well, Prost's sacking ensured that test driver Gianni Morbidelli's dream became reality: being among the very small number of Italians ever to drive a Ferrari in the modern days of F1. For this, he immediately abandoned ship at Minardi, effectively a second-string Ferrari team that year, and was replaced by Benetton and Jordan reject Roberto Moreno. In the few laps that were given to Gianni in the rain-soaked Australian GP he seized the opportunity to score a well-deserved half point in his only race for Ferrari.