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76th Members' Meeting report
Through the ice and snow

Basking in the spring sun in their T-shirts on the Friday before the meeting, no-one believed that the next two days would deliver Siberia to the coastline of England, after which normal seasonal service would be resumed on Monday. And yet the forecast had been unequivocal in its drama: sub-zero temperatures, a spine-chilling wind, and even snow. For once, the meteorologists were right: precisely those 48 hours in which the 76th Members’ Meeting would be held were kidnapped by the Russian Bear. The cars and drivers had to do their utmost best to turn up the heat – and fortunately, lots of them came with guns blazing.

David Hart, Ford GT40, 2018 Goodwood Members' Meeting


Michel Trollé profile
The Brands day that changed everything

Michel Trollé, Lola T87/50, Pau 1987

We all know that motor racing is dangerous – and the number of drivers that saw their careers cut short or hampered by serious accidents is quite high. The 1988 F3000 Championship was a good example of this, as three youngsters – Fabien Giroix, Michel Trollé and Johnny Herbert – suffered severe injuries in the high-attrition races of F1's main feeder formula, and saw their careers change forever. Trollé and Herbert were two of the greatest promises of the field, and if all we know what happened to Herbert, the Touquettois almost sank into oblivion. Time for Guilherme Ribeiro to remember and reevaluate his career.


2017 Estoril Classic report
Sunset on a season

Several historic motor racing championships ran their final round at the inaugural Estoril Classic, which was blessed by fair weather after Friday’s test day was a wet affair. The grids were at times smallish but the enthusiastic Portuguese crowd took care of the atmosphere nonetheless.

Max Smith-Hilliard, Fittipaldi F5A, 2017 Estoril Classic


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