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2018 Dijon Motors Cup report
Indian summer historics

Leo Voyazides/Simon Hadfield, Lola T70 Mk3B, 2018 Dijon Motors Cup

Autumn had set in for weeks – meteorogically, at least – but all present at mid-October Dijon Motors Cup were experiencing a true Indian summer, with temperatures of around 25 degrees before the arrival of clouds made for a cooler Sunday. Still, the final meeting of the season for many of the competitors – apart from those travelling on to the Algarve – was held in near-perfect circumstances, and the racing was exciting too.


Ferrari at Indianapolis: mutual love unanswered
1975: A loud insect never leaving the chrysalis as intended and hoped for…

After the plans that never materialized for which Uncle Franco visited Indy to be inspired Ferrari stopped having Indy on its mind and instead focused on F1. Even F1's single distraction - the sports cars - were sacrificed in the process. But to say that Indy-wise nothing happened with Ferrari in the 70s? It wasn't that much at all but it could have been very different, and in a way that sounds too wild to be true. Because if it had been up to American racing driver Dan Murphy and everything had gone as planned there would have been a Ferrari-engined Indycar in the 1975 race... Henri Greuter has the full story for you.

Dan Murphy, Cicada-Offenhauser, Indianapolis 1975


2018 Spa Six Hours report
That five-and-a-half hour sprint race on a Saturday night…

Paul Chase-Gardener/David Allen/Simon Jones, Shelby Mustang GT350, 2018 Spa Six Hours

So you thought that the Spa Six Hours was a test of endurance for the 114 cars competing? It still is, of course, and many run into trouble before they see the chequered flag – if they ever do. But for those up front it’s become a six-hour sprint race, or effectively a five-and-a-half hour fuel-stop-punctuated dash to the flag, as the Spa curfew is strict (we stop at 10pm!) and the support programme running up to the big show invariably produces plenty of delays.


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