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Birmingham Superprix - Britain's most controversial circuit?
2003 - Resurrection of the Birmingham Superprix?



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As the Birmingham Superprix is long gone from the motorsport circus, there are a few visual clues of its existence scattered around the former Birmingham Superprix circuit.

The start/finish line would be crossed by established winners such as Tony Pond, Jean Alesi, Paul Warwick and Andy Rouse.

The gravel trap at Turn 8 between Sherlock Street and Pershore Street was installed in 1986 as one of the safety features of the Birmingham Superprix circuit. During the 1988 F3000 race on the first lap, David Hunt (brother of James Hunt) crashed his RCR Lola into the wall where the advertising hoards are (it wasn't there at the time though). David Hunt escaped from this big shunt with no injuries but his punched a hole into the wholesaler's shop wall!

During my visits around the Birmingham Superprix track in 2003 and 2006, the most visible clue of the circuit's existence were the Armco postholes outlining the layout of the whole circuit.

You can see the drain covers that covered the Armco posthole as council workmen refurbished special bollards on the former Superprix circuit which were installed for holding the Armco barriers.