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Birmingham Superprix - Britain's most controversial circuit?
1975-'76 - Another setback for Martin Hone...



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Martin Hone now knew the potential of pulling in the crowds to the motoring festivals in the City centre. It was a good indicator that it was becoming popular as in 1975, when the Duckhams Motoring Festivals attracted many motor racing stars. Hone had been keen to see The Vintage & Veteran Car Run from Stratford to Birmingham become the ‘Midland’ equivalent of the London to Brighton run. It had become a popular event. He recalls:

“We were getting a terrific turnout. 70,000 spectators were stretched from Stratford to Birmingham watching it.”

However, in 1976 the General Purposes Committee, of which Marjorie Brown was chairman, cancelled both events. It didn’t deter the push for the Road Race Bill to go to Parliament though. The Bill, however, contained a clause concerning municipal trading and was subsequently thrown out in the House of Commons. So unfortunately the road race further down the Bill did not even get a hearing.