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Birmingham Superprix - Britain's most controversial circuit?
1980-'81 - Continuing the momentum:
The Lucas 'On The Streets' Motor Sport Spectacular



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Martin Hone again continued with the momentum of attracting publicity for his cause for Birmingham to host a road race by organising another event, ‘The Lucas On The Streets Sport Spectacular’ in 1980. It was run over the same 1.8-mile circuit around the back streets of Hurst Street, Moat Lane and Barford Street, by the wholesale markets. Again many famous names associated with their famous cars took part. There was plenty of press and T.V. coverage, the following day the Birmingham Post reported that about 109,000 people had attended. In the evening, a Grand-Prix Ball and World Champion’s Dinner was held.

The event caused a renewed flurry of interest and more promises to support for the road race but the interest was shortlived though. Martin Hone then went to Dubai in 1981 to run their first-ever road race to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the United Arab Emirates, at one time a British Protectorate. Hone was approached during the Lucas Spectacular by the chief of police of Dubai and the Head of the Al Nassar Motor Sport Association who were spectators.

But then in January 1983, Martin Hone agreed with the City Council that he would advise and get underway plans to promote the 1984 British Motor Show.