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6th Gear is 8W's facts and stats section and gives you the F1 and motorsport information you won't find anywhere else on the Web.

Sharing knowledge on motor racing history

6th Gear wants to gather and present facts and figures from motorsport past and present, from the obvious to the obscure. We're not just keeping track of the usual F1 statistics but we're also collecting the odd tidbits that are hard to find elsewhere on the Web. These data range from Grand Prix car designers to engine designations, from country colours to cars that never raced.

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The editors

Chief editor: Mattijs Diepraam (NL)
Responsible for the day-to-day running of the site, Mattijs has been a driving force behind 6th Gear since day one. A commercial copywriter and editor by profession, he has the writing and editing bug flowing through his veins and can't help wasting the same talents on his passion. He also helped create dB, a site dedicated to the memory of Holland's most evocative racing driver ever, Carel Godin de Beaufort. His professional Dutch motorsport writings are appearing in media such as Octane magazine NL,, RTL GP magazine and

Founding editor: Felix Muelas (E)
In the nineties, Felix acted as the inspiring light that turned 6th Gear from a private exercise into a website that quickly found its niche on the Web. Felix is now pursuing pastures new while keeping a close eye on 6th Gear's progress.

Editors-at-Large: Nicolás Korzan (RA) & Andreas Ullrich (AUS)
Nicolás and Andreas are among a group of frequent contributors to 6th Gear, as they roam the Web to collect the facts that are easily overlooked. You are encouraged to join them and add to the knowledge on this site.