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Country colours in the pre-sponsorship era


Revision date

Country Car colours Number colours
Argentina Blue and black with yellow bonnet Red on white
Austria Blue and white White on blue
Belgium Yellow Black
Brazil Body yellow, wheels green Black on yellow
Bulgaria Green with white bonnet Red on white
Chile Red and white with blue bonnet Blue and red on white
Czechoslovakia White and red with blue and white bonnet Blue
Egypt Pale violet Red on white
Estonia Blue, white and black Black on white
Finland Black Blue on white
France Blue White
Germany White Red
Great Britain Green White
Holland Orange White
Hungary White and green with red bonnet Black
Ireland Green with orange band White
Italy Red White
Latvia Black with white bonnet Black on white
Lithuania Yellow and green squares Red
Luxemburg Pearl grey White on red
Poland White and red Red
Portugal Red and white White
Roumania Dark blue and red Yellow
Siam/Thailand Blue and yellow, with yellow wheels White
Spain Yellow and red Black on yellow
Sweden Yellow and blue with three blue crossbands on bonnet White
Switzerland Red with white bonnet Black
United States White and blue Blue on white