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2012 Formula Renault 3.5 World Series


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Carlin Motorsport
1 Kevin Magnussen (DK)
2 Will Stevens (GB)

Fortec Motorsport
3 Robin Frijns (NL) FBMW 2010, FRE 2011
4 Carlos Huertas (CO)

5 Sam Bird (GB)
6 Jake Rosenzweig (USA)

Tech 1 Racing
7 Jules Bianchi (F) EURF3 2009
8 Kevin Korjus (EE) FRE 2010
Daniel Abt (D)

P1 Motorsport
9 Walter Grubmüller (A)
10 Daniil Movè (RUS)

11 Richie Stanaway (NZ) GF3 2011
César Ramos (P) IF3 2010
Nigel Melker (NL)
8 Kevin Korjus (EE) FRE 2010
12 Marco Sörensen (DK)

BVM Target
15 Giovanni Venturini (I)
Sergey Sirotkin (RUS)
Daniel Zampieri (I) IF3 2009
16 Nikolai Martsenko (RUS)

RFR Racing
17 Anton Nebylitskiy (RUS)
Aaro Vainio (FIN)
18 Mikhail Aleshin (RUS) FR3.5 2010

Pons Racing
19 Zoël Amberg (CH)
20 Yann Cunha (BR) SudAm F3 2010

International Draco Racing
21 André Negrão (BR)
22 Nico Müller (D)

Comtec Racing
23 Nick Yelloly (GB)
24 Vittorio Ghirelli (I)

25 Arthur Pic (F)
26 Lucas Foresti (BR)

27 Alexander Rossi (USA)
28 Lewis Williamson (GB)
António Félix da Costa (P)