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2009 winners' circle


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FIA Formula 1 World Championship (F1)

IRL IndyCar Series (IRL)

GP2 Series by Renault and Bridgestone (GP2)

GP2 Asia Series by Renault and Bridgestone (GP2A)

A1GP World Cup of Motorsport (A1GP)

RPM World Series by Renault (WSR)

FIA International F2 Championship (F2)

JAF PlayStation Formula Nippon Championship (FNIPPON)

Superleague Formula (SF)

Firestone Indy Lights Championship (INDY-L)

Cooper Tires Presents the Atlantic Championship Powered by Mazda (ATL)

Coloni Motorsport Euro 3000 Championship & F3000 Italia (EURF3000/IF3000)

MSC International Formula Master (INTFM)

ACO Le Mans Series (LMS)

IMSA American Le Mans Series (ALMS)

ACO Asian Le Mans Series (ASLMS)

NASCAR Grand-American Rolex Sports Car Series (GAM)

ACO Formula Le Mans Cup (FLM)

ACO Formula Le Mans Winter Series (FLMW)

FIA GT Championship (FIAGT)

GTA Autobacs Super GT Championship (JGT)

GTSport International GT Open Championship (IGTO)

FFSA/SRO French GT & GT3 Championship (FGT)

ACISport SARA Italian GT Championship (IGT)

FEA/GTSport Spanish-Iberian GT Championship (SGT)

FIA European GT3 Championship (GT3)

BRDC/SRO Avon Tyres British GT Championship (GGBGT)


RACB/SRO Mediagroup Van Dyck Belgian GT Championship (GBGT)

SCCA Pro Racing SPEED GT World Challenge (SPEEDGT)

V-Max Dutch Supercar Challenge (DSC)

Porsche Mobil1 Supercup (PSC)

FIA GT4 European Cup (GT4)

Dutch GT4 Cup (DGT4)

Other Major Sportscar & GT Events (SPGT)


ITR Bosch German Touring Car Masters (DTM)

FIA World Touring Car Championship (WTCC)

Australian V8 Supercar Championship Series (AV8S)

RAC-MSA HiQ British Touring Car Championship (BTCC)

Swedish Touring Car Championship (STCC)

Danish Touring Car Championship (DTC)

FGSport Italian Superstars Championship (SUP)

Peroni Promotion Endurance Touring Car Series (ETCS)

PRC Belgian Touring Car Series (BTCS)

SCCA Pro Racing SPEED Touring Car World Challenge (SPEEDTC)

WesBank South African V8 Supercars Championship (SAV8)

Argentinian Turismo Competición 2000 Championship (TC2000)

ACTC Argentinian Turismo Carretera Championship (RATC)

CBA Nextel Brazilian Stock Car Cup (BRSC)

Speedcar Series (SCS)

FFSA Trophée Andros (ANDROS)

Other Touring Car Events (TC)

ITR Formula 3 Euroseries (EURF3)

BRDC/SRO Cooper Tires British Formula 3 International Series (BF3)

ATS German Formula 3 Cup (GF3)

JAF All-Japan Formula 3 Championship (JF3)

GT Sport FIAT European Formula 3 Open Championship & Copa de España F300 (F3O)

ACISport Italian Formula 3 Championship (IF3)

63MKT Codasur SudAm Formula 3 Championship (SUDAMF3)

Kumho Tyres Formula 3 Australia (AUSF3)

Finnish Formula 3 Championship (FINF3)

North European Zone F3 Cup (NEZF3)

International Formula 3 Events (INTF3)

Formula BMW Europe (FBE)

RPM FR 2.0 Formula Renault Eurocup (FRE)

* Non-championship race

2009 win tally (including 2008 GP2 Asia, A1GP, Speedcar and Andros wins)

14 wins:

12 wins:

11 wins:

10 wins:

9 wins:

8 wins:

7 wins:

6 wins:

5 wins:

4 wins:

3 wins:

2 wins:

1 win: