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1950 Chilean Grand Prix
The first, the last and the only

1950 Chilean GP

One of Juan Manuel Fangio's most forgotten contributions to South American motorsport took place in Chile, in what is to this day the only official high-end single-seater race held in that country. The Grand Prix de la República de Chile may seem like just another one of those picturesque events in the history of single-seater races at the beginning of the fifties when this discipline was still embryonic compared of what it is today, but for Chileans, that race still has a special meaning: the country was, even if only for a few days, the stage for some of the names that would shine worldwide on the tracks in the following years.


2024 Zandvoort Historic Grand Prix report
Close contests

A packed programme that ran for three days from early morning to late at night produced a host of close contents at the 2024 Historic Grand Prix at Zandvoort. The Dutch event completed its first dozen of editions, and saw weather conditions improve throughout the event to end with bright sunshine befitting the beach atmosphere of the event and the circuit. Highlights of the event were the two Masters Racing Legends races for 3-litre-era F1 cars. Similar to 2023, 27 cars were present although not all of them survived Friday's free practice and (wet) qualifying.

Lukas Halusa, Williams FW08, 2024 Historic Grand Prix


1949 Brazilian Temporada
Brazil's forgotten racing days

Rafael Gargiulino, Ford V8 Adaptado, 1949 Brazilian Temporada

Back in the forties, the success of the Argentine Temporada was due to its good schedule, which generally comprised four solid races spread over one month. This simple arrangement became itself an attraction for the big European teams, which could dilute the transportation and maintenance costs of all material from Europe to South America over the course of four events, in addition to the good prizes offered by those events, which were good lures for the top racing drivers. Therefore, the Brazilian motorsport federation began designing the project for its own Temporada, following the templates built by the Argentinians.


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